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closet organizer You've got your image and a beautiful wardrobe to express it. So, when it's time to get dressed, you open your closet door and where do you begin!As a wardrobe organizer I can help you set up and organize your closet so it's easy for you to make up an outfit that's right for the moment.It's all about making it easy for my clients to pull together an outfit quickly based on color, season, event or mood.

It's hard to remember how things go together on a daily basis after we've spent time building your wardrobe and putting together outfits,or when a special event comes up. I can create a ‘Look Book', which is a photo album that features the outfits we've put together. You can always use this as a reminder of how certain pieces go together. It's designed to help you note your outfits and better manage your wardrobe. You can plan your outfits ahead of time, no panic involved! You'll have a complete catalog of your wardrobe.

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